From bumps and babies to toddlers and teens, family sessions are the best way to capture those fleeting years.


Family sessions are a great way to freeze a moment in time. They capture that time when your son still gleefully gives his mama sloppy kisses. They capture that time when your daughter still giggles uncontrollably when twirling around in her favorite skirt. They even capture that time when your moody teenager rolls her eyes at the idea of a family photo shoot (but secretly doesn't mind shopping for it or being treated like a model for an hour).

I absolutely love shooting family sessions. I'm a high energy person so I don't mind chasing little ones around and letting them go wild a bit. I do like to make sure we get a few posed family portraits (you know those are the ones that Grandma wants) and then we relax and I look for beautiful candid moments to round out the session.