Editing Senior Photos: A Before and After Example

Editing.  If I’m being honest, it is every photographer’s least favorite task.  I can spend hours on a photo shoot and never feel tired. But after editing just a few photos, I am mentally wiped out.

Nevertheless, it is an essential component of a photographer’s work.  Editing styles varying widely from photographer to photographer. Right now, the “bright and airy” look is all the rage But maybe a photographer you’ve worked with in the past has a distinctly different editing style - such as vintage-y or dark and gritty or low-contrast and cool tones.  There is no right or wrong when editing, its all about the artistic vision. But to really love your photos, you need to find a photographer who’s editing style matches with your style preferences.

Personally, I don’t like to fiddle around with making people or locations look like something their not.  I like to enhance the natural beauty of the subject and use my artistic eye to create great locations. My style of editing usually includes the following:

  • Clean, rich colors

  • Realistic skin tone and texture

  • Normal teeth (overly whitened teeth are a dead-give away for a retouched photo)

  • Fixing of flyaway hairs

  • Eliminating distracting elements (like trash on the street, lint on a shirt, etc)

Basically, I want you to look like the best version of yourself!  Yes, I fix pimples, Yes, I whiten teeth (just a little bit and only if necessary).  Yes, I’ll edit out that frizzy hair.

When you get your senior pictures back, you should look at them and say “Dang, I look fabulous!”

Here is a before and after to show you what you can expect from Spellman Photography editing.




A light touch with an eye for detail goes a long way! I hope this gives you a great understanding of what to expect when you work with Spellman Photography.

If you are looking to book a photographer for your senior’s photo session, please contact me to chat more!